Pak using India as an excuse to pursue its Afghan policy: US

Washington : Pakistan is using New Delhi as an excuse to pursue its policies in Afghanistan,

Trump holds his stand: Blames ’both sides’ for Virginia

Washington: Amid a political storm over his position that ’both sides’ were at fault for the violence

US House imposes conditions for defence funding to Pakistan

Washington : The US House of Representatives has voted for three legislative amendments to impose tougher

Trump calls Modi ’true friend’, striking rapport ahead of maiden meet

Washington: US President Donald Trump said that "strategic issues" would be on the table when he holds talks with his

’100 per cent’ willing to testify over Comey conversations: Trump

Washington: Donald Trump has said he was "100 per cent" willing to testify over his conversations

Donald Trump administration backs India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) bid

Washington: The US on Wednesday said it is working with India and NSG members

US Republican Senator Orrin Hatch seeks reforms in H-1B visa system

Washington: A top US Senator has sought reform in H-1B visas system to bring in highly qualified workers

Over 100,000 visas revoked since Trump signed travel ban

Washington: Over 100,000 visas have been revoked as a result of President Donald Trump’s ban

Pak could be included in immigration ban list in future: WH

Washington: There is a possibility in the future of including Pakistan in the list of countries

Trump seeks 20% tax on Mexican imports to build border wall

Washington: President Donald Trump is seeking to impose a 20 per cent tax on imports from countries

With 613,830 signatures, White House petition seeking to declare Pak ’terror sponsor’ creates record

Washington: More than 50,000 new signatures have been added to the final count of the White

Pakistan can’t ’pick and choose’ terror groups to go after: US

Washington: In a blunt message, the US today told Pakistan it cannot "pick and choose" the terrorist groups

US says would be encouraged with direct Indo-Pak dialogue

Washington: A direct dialogue between India and Pakistan is good for them and the region,

It is for India and Pakistan to decide on Kashmir: United States

Washington: The United States has said that it is for India and Pakistan

US asks NSG members to support India’s bid

Washington: Amid China’s opposition, the US has given a fresh push to India’s NSG membership

Ahead of key meet, US urges nuke club (NSG) to support India’s membership

Washington: The US has urged members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group to support India’s membership into the elite grouping.

Modi discusses upcoming challenges with representatives of prominent US think-tanks

Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today met representatives of several prominent

India’s NSG membership is not about arms: US to Pak

Washington: "This is not about an arms race and it’s not about nuclear weapons.

​’Chinese actions could erect Great Wall of self-isolation’

Washington: China’s military expansion in the disputed South China Sea poses a growing risk to the region’s

​Kejriwal can even join hands with Modi if it suits him:Bhushan

Washington: Accusing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of being "totally unscrupulous",

Case made for using FMF funds in F-16 deal with Pak, says US

Washington D.C., May. 6 (ANI): In a development signalling major relief for Pakistan

Trump a ’loose cannon’, not worth the risk: Clinton

Washington: Launching a frontal attack on Donald Trump, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton

Kasich withdraws from Republican presidential race

Washington:Governor John Kasich of Ohio has announced to drop out of the Republican presidential race

​Trump wins Indiana primary; becomes GOP presumptive nominee

Washington: Donald Trump has won the Indiana primary and become the presumptive Republican

​Religious freedom in India on ’negative trajectory’: USCIRF

Washington: Religious freedom in India was on a "negative trajectory" in 2015

Facebook profits triple in 2016 first quarter

Washington: Social media giant Facebook reported a $1.5 billion first-quarter

Trump mocks Indian call center employee’s English accent, but says India a great nation

Washington: Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has used fake Indian accent

Obama courts Gulf kings keen just to see him go

Washington: President Barack Obama will make another trip to Riyadh to consult Washington’s Gulf allies on the crises in Yemen and Syria this week, but may not receive a royal welcome.

Clinton condemns terrorist attack in Jerusalem

Washington: Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton has condemned the terrorist attack in a bus in Jerusalem which left at least 21 people injured.

​No intolerance, India continuing to attract FDI: FM

Washington: There is "much more tolerance in India" if one goes by the content of the presidential election speeches in the US, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said.

G20 embraces crackdown on tax havens, warns over ’Brexit’

April 16: The world’s leading economies took a step Friday toward denying tax evaders and money launderers around the world the ability to hide behind anonymous shell companies.

​Next IMF chief should be from emerging economy: India

April 16: India has told the IMF that the next managing director of the top global financial body should be from an emerging economy and not from Europe, which traditionally has been the case.

More rate cuts on lower inflation, good monsoon: Rajan

April 15: Reserve Bank may further lower the interest rate if inflation continues to ease and the monsoon turns out to be good, Governor Raghuram Rajan has said.

India, US to collaborate on tackling offshore tax evasion

April 15: India and the US have agreed to enhance collaboration on tackling offshore tax evasion and increase cooperation in sharing of cross-border tax information.

India’s growth spillover unlikely to be felt outside South Asia: IMF

April 15: Even as India became the fastest-growing emerging economy in the world, the impact of its growth is unlikely to be felt beyond South Asia, senior International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials said on Friday.

India to get $250m for renewables from New Development Bank

April 15: The New Development Bank, the latest multilateral funding institution in the financial world, has sanctioned a $250 million loan for India to fund its ambitious scheme on new and renewable energy.

BRICS moves to establish bank institute, rating agency

April 15: BRICS countries on Friday discussed the efficacy of "establishing" a bank institute and a rating agency of their own following the New Development Bank (NDB) becoming fully operational.

Right time to reevaluate fiscal policy: Arun Jaitley at G20

April 15:Emphasising the need for globally coordinated policy decisions to remedy the global economic turbulence, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday said that the time is ripe for a reevaluation of the fiscal policy space.

306 Indian students face deportation in US fake varsity sting

As many as 306 Indian students who unknowingly came to the US as part of a fake university........

US mulls granting refuge to secular B’desh bloggers

Washington: The US has said it is considering granting refuge to a select number of bloggers.........

Clinton not qualified to be US President: Sanders

Washington: Buoyed by his win in the crucial Wisconsin primary, Democrat Bernie Sanders

​WhatsApp encryption shouldnt give safe havens for cyber crime

Washington: The US has raised an alarm over end-to-end encryption of all messages from Facebook-owned WhatsApp,

ISIS launches ’police forensics division’


The Islamic State has claimed to have opened a ’police forensics department’ with a pictorial.........

US military permits Sikh soldier to wear beard, turban

In a landmark decision, the US military has granted a decorated Sikh-American officer a long-term..........

India to finally join nuclear security ’gift baskets’

APRIL 2:Washington: India has finally decided to join "gift baskets" at the Fourth Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear materials must never fall into wrong hands: Pakistan

April 2: Pakistan has said it fully shares global concerns that nuclear materials must never fall into "wrong hands" and underlined that renewed interest in nuclear energy worldwide necessitates more preparedness.

India disappointed over ’technical hold’ on slapping sanctions on Masood Azhar

April 2: India has said it is disappointed that a "technical hold" has been put on its application to include Pathankot terror attack mastermind Masood Azhar in the UN sanctions list, terming the move "incomprehensible".

US military permits Sikh soldier to wear turban and sport a beard

April 2: In a landmark decision, the US military has granted a decorated Sikh-American officer a long-term religious accommodation thereby allowing him to continue serving while maintaining his articles of faith of keeping a beard and wearing a turban.

Trump doesn’t know much about foreign policy: Obama

April 2: US President Barack Obama has questioned Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s foreign policy credentials, saying he doesn’t “know much” about the world.

Modi leaves for Saudi Arabia after Nuclear Security Summit

April :2 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left for Saudi Arabia after two days of engagement with world leaders during the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington...

`Snowstorm of stars` captured at heart of Milky Way

April : 1 NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured a new, spectacular image of the center of our Milky Way....

Virginia shooting: 3 injured, gunman dead

April:1 An unidentified man who opened fire on Virginia State Police trooper at a Greyhound bus station in Richmond, Virginia has died...

Next-gen contact lenses could have it all

April:1 Contact lenses might take off in the world of eye health where smart glasses have not, if scientists have their way....

US-China to sign Paris Agreement on Earth Day

April:1 Taking a concrete step towards developing bilateral ties between the nations, the United States and China ...

Terrorism has evolved, responses are old: Modi

April:1 Global terrorism has evolved over time and terrorists are now using modern technology...

Trump defends his campaign manager is charged with assault

March 30: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has said he will not sack his campaign manager who has been charged for “intentionally” assaulting a female reporter, asserting that the accusation was false.

Indian Air Force is in crisis, says US think tank

MARCH 29:Washington: India’s traditional air superiority is now under "threat" as China and Pakistan are rapidly modernising their air force, a top US think-tank warned today,

Yoga sessions to be part of Easter celebrations in White House

March 26:WASHINGTON: Professional yoga instructors will have sessions with thousands of Americans who are expected to throng the sprawling White House

Many species may vanish without fossil trace: Study

March :26 Many animals at the brink of extinction may disappear during the ongoing sixth mass-extinction event without leaving behind any permanent fossil record,...

Leon Panetta and others slam Trump, Cruz for security policies

March 26: Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have come under sharp criticism from senior American officials for their “dangerous” statements on national security which they believe will be disastrous for the U.S. and the world.

Nato’s chief to meet Obama next month

March 26: US President Barack Obama will meet Nato’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg next month to discuss a range of issues including the progress made to "destroy" Islamic State terror outfit.

US says it hasn’t changed position on Syria’s Assad

March 26:The Obama administration has maintained that President Bashar Assad shouldn’t lead Syria any longer, rejecting a Russian claim that the US has changed its position.

US Navy ship missing 95 yrs ago found near S Francisco

MARCH 25:Washington: A US Navy ship that went missing 95 years ago with 56 aboard has been found off San Francisco, ending one of the biggest mysteries in US naval history, authorities have said.

25,000 kg of Indian cumin seized in U.S.

March : 25 Nearly 25,000 kg of Indian cumin has been seized in the U.S. after customs agents.....

FBI defends handling of Apple case after retreat

March 25: The FBI today defended the handling of its legal battle with Apple over encryption following an abrupt retreat from its bid to force the tech giant to help unlock an attacker’s iPhone.

US judge extends Volkswagen’s diesel solution deadline 

MArch 25:Washington: A federal judge in San Francisco gave Volkswagen an additional month -- till April 21 -- to come up with a solution for around 600,000 diesel vehicles sold in the US

US Navy ship missing for 95 years found near San Francisco

March 24: A US Navy ship that went missing 95 years ago with 56 aboard has been found off San Francisco, ending one of the biggest mysteries in US naval history, authorities have said.

Trump attacks Clintons; says he too ’fair game’ 

Dec 30 : As Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton...

Record-breaking flood levels anticipated in parts of US 

Dec 30 : Several locations along the Mississippi river from St. Louis down to the delta are anticipating major flooding...

Iran transfers uranium to Russia under nuclear deal 

Dec 30 : Iran has taken a step forward to implement the nuclear deal with world powers by transferring..

At least 19 women win seats in historic Saudi election

Dec. 14 :At least 19 Saudi women have secured seats in the historic municipal election in the country that saw...

White House hits out at Trump’s ’Muslim Ban’

Dec.9 :The White House lambasted Donald Trump’s statement demanding a ban on Muslims...

Donald Trump calls for blocking entry of Muslims to U.S.

Dec. 8 :Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has said that the U.S. should bar any Muslims...

US blames Russia for attack on Syrian army position

Dec. 8 :The US military has said that Russian warplanes were responsible for the attack on Syrian army...

Jimmy Carter is `cancer-free`

Dec. 7 :Former American president Jimmy Carter, who was undergoing treatment for cancer that was removed...

Will wipe out ISIS and other terror groups threatening America: Obama

Dec. 7 :Speaking to the nation in a rare address from the Oval Office on the threat of terrorism...

US opens all jobs in combat units to women

Dec. 4 :US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has announced a landmark decision that he is opening all jobs...

’Allah is punishing’ Turkey’s rulers: Putin

Dec. 4 :With the war of words between the two nations escalating since the downing of the Russian jet by Turkey...

IMF supports ECB’s new stimulus programme 

Dec 4 : The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said it supported the European Central Bank’s..

California shooting: Obama calls for more gun control reforms

Dec. 3 :US President Barack Obama has called for more gun control reforms in the country following the mass shooting...

Two suspects killed in San Bernardino shooting

Dec. 3 :In a horrific attack, 14 people and two suspects were killed after three heavily armed attackers opened...

Obama leaves for Paris Climate Summit, to meet PM Modi today

Nov. 30 :U.S. President Barack Obama left for Paris to attend the Climate Change Conference (COP21) where...

Obama serves Thanksgiving meal for the homeless in DC

Nov 28: President Barack Obama,thanked former servicemen before the First Family took time out to serve up Thanksgiving dinner for homeless veterans here on Wednesday.

Russia didn’t give downed jet’s flight plan to US: Officials

Nov 28: Russia did not inform the US military of its jet’s flight plan before Turkey shot it down on Tuesday, despite assertions to the contrary by Russian President Vladimir Putin

’Unapologetic’ Erdogan maintains Russian jet violated Turkish airspace

Nov. 27 :Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has flatly refused to apologise for the downing...

US issues global travel alert for holidaying Americans over terror threats

Nov. 24 :In the wake of the deadly 13/11 Paris attacks and the following world-wide threat, the U.S. State...

Dell acknowledges Superfish-like security bug in new laptops 

Nov 24: Major US computer company Dell Inc said on Monday a security hole exists...

Indian-American killed in Mali terrorist attack

Nov 21: An Indian-American is among at least 27 people killed during a deadly siege of a Mali hotel by Islamic extremists.

US thanks Pak army chief for counterterrorism cooperation

NOV20:The U.S. on Thursday thanked the army chief of Pakistan for his support to the counter terror cooperation between the two countries.

US raising pressure on India over US human trafficking visas

Nov 12: The US government is stepping up pressure on India to end a controversial policy of placing restrictions on passports of Indian nationals rescued from forced labour or human trafficking in the United States, a US state department official said.

Obama to discuss war on IS with G20 leaders: White House

Nov 11: US President Barack Obama is expected to discuss the fight against the Islamic State (IS) militant group with US allies during an upcoming summit of Group of 20 economies, the White House said on Tuesday.

Myanmar election: Suu Kyi heading towards landslide victory

Nov. 10 :Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) is heading...

Obama says ’Hello’ to Facebook

Nov. 10 :US President Barack Obama has joined Facebook and said that he wanted to have...

Say `Hello` to Adele’s `The Simpsons’ character

Nov 10 :After topping the chartbusters with her new single ’Hello’, Adele got ’The Simpsons’ treatment...

Blake Shelton visits Gwen Stefani’s LA mansion

Nov 10 :Blake Shelton recently paid a visit to his girlfriend Gwen Stefani at her Beverly Hills mansion...

Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline project

Nov 7 :US President Barack Obama denied Canadian energy infrastructure company a cross-border...

97-year-old US woman gets high school diploma.

Nov 5: A 97-year-old woman has received an honorary diploma from a high school in Michigan, 79 years after she was forced to drop out to care for her sick mother.

Amazon logs back into brick & mortar.

NOV5:The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said a bookstore is the only piece of evidence we have that people are thinking.

Obama signs two-year budget bill

Nov 3 : US President Barack Obama has signed into law a two-year budget bill that averts a default...

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