5 reasons to be a fit mom

It goes beyond getting your children out into open spaces and into sport itself

Is social media making us fitter or fatter?

When it comes to food, social media is giving out mixed messages.

Starting up strong

A young entrepreneur changed his life and hopes to change the lives of hundreds of others who need reliable diet and fitness advice

Activity tracking app, device ’Trek’ offers in-built Indian food menu for fitness enthusiasts

April 02 : Indian company Fitgen Solutions has launched an activity tracking application named...

Yoga may rescue you from prenatal depression 

March 12 : If you are suffering from prenatal depression, yoga may be your way out, as...

More often you weigh yourself, the more weight you lose

A new research has revealed that dieters weighing themselves frequently lose more weight than...

Keeping fit does help avoid developing hypertension

People who keep fit face lesser chance of developing hypertension, says a new research.

Yoga may help in improving cardiovascular disease risk factors

A new study has revealed yoga may help in managing and improving cardiovascular disease risk factors.

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