Earth is special, indeed

Feb 23 : By being unique among 700 million trillion planets in our known universe, Earth has proved...

Opt for motion gaming to boost your real world skills

Feb 23 : According to a recent study, motion-controlled video games, such as those played on...

Winter babies have vulnerable lungs

Feb 23 : Winter birth puts you at the risk of developing asthma and other lung related problems...

Distractions while driving more dangerous to life

Feb. 23 : Virginia Tech researchers have found that using or reaching out for a handheld cell phone,...

Sand Tiger sharks have complex social networks: Study

Feb. 23 : Sand Tiger sharks may have a more complex social structure than anyone would have thought,...

 Skype gets interactive videos and moving emoticons in India.

OCT30:Microsoft’s instant messaging, voice and video calling platform Skype launched new interactive videos and moving emoticons specifically designed for India.

Indian IT giants struggling to meet Nasscom’s growth target.

OCT30:ig four IT companies may not be able to meet Nasscom’s growth target for FY16, and the industry may just be able to meet the lower end of the guidance even as a tough second half looms.

Soon, control your computers with a smile or a blink.

OCT30:Scientists are developing new technologies that will allow computers to recognise non-verbal commands such as gestures, body language and facial expressions.

 State education boards to declare Class 12 results by May 31.

OCT29:The state education boards have agreed to declare Class 12 result by May 31 every year.

OnePlus X Onyx to cost Rs 16,999, limited edition Ceramic priced Rs 22,99

OCT29:Within three months of the launch of flagship OnePlus 2 smartphone, Chinese startup OnePlus is back with the OnePlus X. This new phone, the third from the company, will be available in Onyx and Ceramic versions.

How to get any job you want (even if you’re unqualified). 

OCT28:In an era of entrepreneurial spirit, when senior recruiters are less interested in your background than your potential, it may be possible to get any job you want, even if you’re unqualified.

Studying in UK gets more expensive. 

OCT28:It will soon become a lot more expensive for overseas students to study in the UK.

First insect-size robot that can fly, swim. 

For the first time, scientists have designed an insect-like robot smaller than a paperclip that can both fly and swim — paving the way for future dual aerial aquatic robotic vehicles.

Time to take blackouts, near drownings seriously

Oct 27 : You may want to start taking blackouts and near drowning seriously as a recent study has...

Detour to moon is best way to make it to Mars

Oct 15 : A new study has suggested that in order to save on weight, a detour to the moon...

By 2030s, we could be living on Mars!

Oct 15 : We could be actually living on Mars within next few decades as NASA has unveiled its plans of...

Major breakthrough as bowel cancer classified into four distinct groups

Oct. 15 : In a break through discovery, researchers have uncovered four different types of bowel...

Start drinking cranberry juice to have a healthy heart

Oct. 14 : A new study has revealed that drinking cranberry juice might play a role in protecting...

China`s blocking blitz: Social-media messages censored

Oct 15 : A new study has revealed about China’s censorship.

Just when you thought your larger brain equals higher intelligence

Oct 15 : As per a recent study, larger brains do not lead to high IQs.

Latest innovation can be game changer for flexible electronics, solar cells

Oct 15 : A team of scientists has come up with a new research that could revolutionize flexible...

Earliest `Jurassic corals` discovered

Oct 5 : Researchers have discovered the earliest Jurassic corals.

Anti-cancer drug may help treat Alzheimer’s, improve memory

Oct 5 : A team of researchers has found that an anti-cancer drug may make it easier to learn a...

Snake genome embedded with blueprints for growing limbs

Oct 5 : Though snakes now slither across Earth sans any legs, turns out these reptiles have genome embedded with blueprints for growing..

Double whammy for dinos: Deadly asteroid-volcano combo wiped them out

Oct 5 : Death from above and below? As per a recent study volcanic activity may have also contributed...

Smartphone apps becoming New-Age nanny for Indian kids

Oct 5 : With technology fast becoming an integral part of people’s lives, parenting has also undergone a sea change..

Now, `gene signature` to predict onset of Alzheimer’s

Sept 7 : A team of researchers has developed a ’gene signature’ that can be used to predict the onset...

Plant under salt stress: Tackling the hassle

Sept 7 : Since plants also suffer from stress due to high salt in soil, a new study has found...

NASA sees 1 metre sea level rise ahead

Melbourne, Sept 7 : NASA has recently revealed that sea levels will rise by a metre over the...

New medical device to diagnose infections faster

Sept 7 : A new study has suggested that a new diagnostic device may significantly reduce the...

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